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What could be causing the clutch noise that I am hearing?

Clutch noise can commonly be caused by problems with your throwout bearing or your pilot bearing. While there are other issues that can create the noise you are hearing, these are the most common. The best way to determine for sure is to take advantage of our FREE clutch adjustment and inspection.

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Just some of our frequently asked questions

Below we have compiled some common questions we hear for your convenience. If you have any further questions, call us today at 541-858-8542!

Why is my transmission so hard to shift?

There can be many causes for the transmission issues you're experiencing. Some causes of difficult shifting include worn transmission parts, incorrect fluid being used and other clutch related problems. Bring your vehicle in for our FREE clutch adjustment and inspection and we can identify the exact cause of your problems.

Why doesn't my vehicle seem to be accelerating smoothly?

This could also be related to problems with your clutch, transmission or drive train. The clutch is intended to transfer power from your engine to your transmission and on to the drive train. If the clutch is not demonstrating positive engagement, it will begin to slip, so your engine will continue to accelerate but your drive train does not at the same speed.

What could be causing my brakes to be noisy and squeaky?

There can be several reasons for noisy or squeaky brakes. Use of low quality parts, low grade friction parts and general wear and tear can all cause these symptoms. However, with any brake noise we recommend having a brake inspection done to determine the exact cause.

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